About Anderson Kalang

Anderson Kalang is a rising photographer born of Kelabit parentage from the beautiful highlands of Bario and Long Lellang. Raised in Miri, a resort city located at the northern side of Sarawak, East Malaysia, he now resides in the capital city of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur.

With growing interest in photography, he started off in 2004 with the simple point and shoot camera. Learning from the best, he discovered a great passion for capturing meaningful moments in pictures and has never looked back.

Proud of his heritage and keen to keep close to his roots, he has a soft spot for taking pictures that depicts cultural backgrounds. An eye for unique moments, there is always a story to tell behind every picture.

His images have now captured the eyes of many and even featured in magazines such as the May 2008 edition of AirAsia magazine. His clients have stretched all over the country from East to West Malaysia and even overseas.

A creative mind, he takes life around him as his inspiration and describes his artwork as “PICTURIFIC”, a term he made up to describe the statement, “Terrific Pictures”.

Using this term as their motto, the team at AndersonKalang Photography is motivated to make the most out of their skills to transform anything memorable into great pictures. A definite gem in the world of photography, you should never miss the opportunity to let this versatile team bring out the best in you and capture your moments!